Photo by Amicia Siwik

 Photo by Amicia Siwik

Valerie Indira, creative imagist Portland, OR.

Growing up in a big Jewish-Latinx family, I learned at a young age the importance of celebrating identity and community. I leapt into a variety of creative pursuits throughout my upbringing and felt so at home in art forms that paved ways for being in my body, heart, and mind.  

While I majored in Cinema Studies at Oberlin College, performance art and embodiment remained central to my creative process. I love honoring bodies and celebrating their intuitive movement, stillness, and space and trained in movement based expressive arts therapy at the Tamalpa Institute.

I have found that photo and video is a way to encompass all these passions into a single form. In this medium, I have honed my creative compass into a form that captures every aspect of the vital and engaging creative spirit of others, celebrating the complexity and beauty of being. I’ve spent the last few years honing my skills with cameras, and am very comfortable capturing both still and moving images in a variety of settings.

In addition to my photo and video work here at Tender Heart, I am also a multimedia artist, musician and performer under the name Indira Valey.